Author of the Sam Butler Series.

J.F. Lawrence has viewed life experiences through the lens of a father, a Stanford geophysics professor, an artist, a tech inventor, a startup guru, and a chronically ill individual. Over the last twenty plus years, he kept an eye on the latest technology trends as both a scientist and an entrepreneur, and now uses that knowledge to influence his writing.

He received a BA in economics from UC Davis before switching fields and obtaining a Ph.D. in earth and planetary science from Washington University in St. Louis. At Stanford, Professor Lawrence spearheaded a large-scale education outreach program for sixth grade students, which included speaking to and writing for middle graders. In 2015, he utilized his creative skills and forward-looking mind to jump tracks again, becoming a tech entrepreneur and co-founder of multiple startups. 

Jesse’s leap to sci-fi writing came in 2020, two years after he fell ill with an undetermined chronic illness. At first, writing was an escape from reality. But when his son asked him to write a book, Jesse created a whole world where nanites (microscopic machines) could cure all illnesses and imbue a select few people with inhuman powers. Sam Butler and the Nano-Mancers is Jesse’s debut fiction work.



I was writing another book to help me cope with a still undiagnosed chronic illness when my son asked me to write a book for him. As you can imagine, the concept of nanites that can heal any illness would appeal to someone with my ailments.

Of course, no world works perfectly, which is where Sam Butler and the Nano-Mancers comes in.