Image by Pavel Neznanov


Bonkerbuttles - See Bonkerflubbled.

Bonkerflubbled - Crazy, bonkers, or temporarily out of their mind.

Brainblendered - See Bonkerflubbled.

Buzzerbee - A robotic bee that makes the victim of a sting pass out.

Confuddlement - A state of being confused.

Cutgerber - A multi-tool.

Flashagadger -  A Flashlight.

Flubberdawdled -  Confused or disoriented.

Happyzongered -  Made to be completely and utterly happy.

Lookamajudged - Looked down on with sneering judgment.

Munchables - Yummy food.

Nuttergastered - Crazy, nutty, or temporarily out of their mind.

Thingamabobber - A nano-infused device sold at Barnaby's Thingamabobbers Emporium. 

Whatchamawonkit - A nano-infused device made at The Gathering. They do anything from building structures to healing people.

Zonkerspun - Too tired to see straight.